Thursday, May 17, 2012

Steamed Blossoms (Variety Fillings)

Steamed Blossoms, I had made these several times but I don't have the time to upload and update the recipes. Was very lazy, no pictures taken too. But today I decided to make them when I viewed Rayahu's recipe blog. Of course mine are not that pretty as hers.. Hee hee. As for my blossoms today, the fillings are nutella, blueberry and peanut butter, why? Because my kids loved, so much in loved with nutella, blueberry and peanut butter. Thats the reason. Can't wait to let them have the blossoms for tea. Futhermore they often asked me to buy from my friends, mana boleh tahan asyik nak beli je kan. Jadi buatlah sendiri, berbaloi juga.

From Rahayu Hassan (Ayu (Rahayu Hassan)

3 cold eggs (I used room temperature)
170grams castor sugar
3tspns baking powder
275grams cake flour
1tspn ovalette
140grams coconut cream

Beat ingredients at high speed. Divide to a few portions for different colours preffered. Add batter in moulds, add fillings and cover with batter again. (pipe your favourite polka dots colours). Steam at 15minutes or till cook.

As for the fillings, I add nutella spread, blueberry jam and peanut butter. If you prefer coconut fillings, here are the ingredients and method.

50grams sugar
125grams palm sugar
1tspn corn flour mix with 50grams water
3 screwpines leaves
225grams grated coconut

Combine ingredients for fillings and cook till thickens and a bit dry


Ayu said...

Assalam Yana,
wah sekejapnya dah jadi..heheh baru kita reply your comments at my blog.
ya you are right as for kids, the fillings, normally chocolate, they like..thank you yana for trying..i do hope your kids love it..:)

ps, eh dah boleh masuk blog yana ni..i re- linked it again ya yan..thanks dear..

mUmmY kECik said...

Salam, 140g coconut cream tu, brapa ml eh?

Ayu said...

mummy kecik - akak tolong jawapkan ok..140g tu sama juga dgn 140 ml..:)

Anonymous said...

Salam. Untok ingredients yg second tu fillingse eh?

Anonymous said...